Steps for Washing & Caring for your nappies

We recommend washing all new nappies at least twice before first use, this will help fluff up the bamboo and increase absorbency. It is not necessary to dry between the first wash cycles. The bamboo material will continue to fluff up as you wash them for at least half a dozen cycles.  You can tell when the bamboo prefolds start to look the same after each wash that the bamboo has reached their max absorbency state.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- Please PRY OPEN all snap closures at the snap, do not systematically open up the nappy by pulling on the fabric around the snaps, this will add unnecessary tension on the fabrics around the snaps, causing the PUL to split and the minky and fleece to stretch resulting in a fast wearing nappy.

WASH & CARE in 4 easy steps

To wash dirty nappies please follow these four steps, quick rinse, drypail, wash, dry:

Step One : - Dispose & Rinse before Dry-pailing

Dispose of any solids into the toilet, remove any boosters from the pocket and quickly rinse any stains prior to dry-pailing (bucket with no water).  This will limit staining and also help prolong the life of your nappies to well beyond our warranty periods.  This is particularly important after your baby start solids as the ammonia levels increase.  Soaking nappies in water, napisan, bleach etc is not required nor recommended.


Wash me please!

Step Two : - Laundry Bags

Once you have set aside a washing load full (max. 2 sets of BB nappies per kg of washing machine capacity), it is time to load your machine. Please place all the nappies (at least the AIO nappy portion of our nappies) in a laundry bag for washing, this will reduce the strain on the nappies from the internal boosters during the wash cycle.  All external boosters can be washed without laundry bags if preferred.  Laundry bags will not hinder the effectiveness of the wash, and provides a protective barrier for your nappies to keep them new for longer.

TIP: You may like to set up two pails, one for the boosters only and then line another pail with a laundry bag for all the AIO nappies.  This will not only ease the loading process it will also extend the life of your nappies, because you are keeping all that excess ammonia in the boosters away from the PUL and elastics in your nappies during the dry pailing stage.

Step Three: - Washing

Load your washing machine with a maximum of 2 sets of Bumbly Bootique Nappies per kg of machine capacity, to ensure a thorough wash.  Place only 1/4-1/3 scoop max of your additive free laundry detergent and set your washing machine with an extra prewash/rinse cycle, at a max temp of 60degC and a max spin of 1000 rpm and away you go. 

Important! - DO NOT use the following as they decrease absorbency and break down the PUL:

- Fabric Softener

- Vinegar

- Bleach

- Napisan products & the like

- Brighteners

DO NOT use temperatures higher than 60degC or spin higher than 1000 RPM

Step Four: - Drying

 Line dry your nappies in the Sun as much as possible with any stains facing upwards so that the Sun can do her lovely work.  Our Sun’s a great all round, sanitising, bleaching and antibacterial agent, and there is absolutely nothing on the market which can replace her, so let your nappies soak up as much free sunlight as possible.  Our nappies typically take less than ½ day in good summer sun to dry and a day of winter sun.  If it’s raining and line drying is not possible, you can tumble dry your nappies in the dryer on low, or just hang them up indoors (maybe near a heater if it’s winter to shorten drying time).  But make sure you get those nappies back out into the sun as soon as you could.