Suggested Use

We have taken the guess work out buying cloth nappies, all Bumbly Bootique nappies are One Sized, All In One, Pocket type with all your boosters included!


Bumbly Bootique nappies all come with our generously sized Sleepytime Booster and microfleece lined Bumbly Booster which can be used on top of the nappy for day or inserted into the pocket for night, to help you customise absorbency for your child’s needs.


There is no need for pins, snappi’s, additional waterproof covers, or anything else for that matter.  Our nappies are all ready to go as is!


Please browse our pages on the right for suggested usage of our nappies for newborn, daytime, nightime and when to use our Bumbly Boosters on top of the pocket. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line through our contact page, we'd love to hear from you!


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Bumbly Bootique Cloth Nappies Sizing Chart