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 Inside Our Nappies

We have taken the guess work out of buying cloth nappies, Bumbly Bootique nappies are One Sized, All In One, Pocket type with all your boosters included!

Bumbly Bootique nappies all come with an internal booster, our generously sized Sleepytime Booster and microfleece lined Bumbly Booster which can be used on top of the nappy for day or inserted into the pocket for night, mix and match to customise absorbency for your child.  Providing up to 16 layers of bamboo in the front when folded to our recommendation, you will not need to buy more boosters every again!

There's no need for pins, snappi’s, covers or anything else for that matter.  Our nappies are all ready to go as is!

Plain and Printed Minky AIO Cloth Nappies

What Makes Our Nappies So Special?

Our nappies are engineered, tested, tweaked, tested and tweaked again with factors such as comfort, versatility, durability and containment all playing key roles in our design.

Our unique Bumbly Boosters are designed with soft elastics especially to help keep breastfed explosions at bay.  With this booster placed on top of the pocket, we essentially create 3 sets of elastics around baby’s legs.  Our nappies are so cleverly designed, you will find that most of the time, unless your baby has gone to work multiple times (hehe), the soils stay within the boundaries of our amazing Bumbly Boosters.  This means, that you can simply swap out the Bumbly Booster and reuse the nappy if a fresh nappy has been soiled. 

The above has been tried and tested many times by our mini breastfed testers, but of course massive projects do escape, but never fear, because that is why our inner elastics are there. The inner elastics are also very cleverly designed to provide the correct tautness around delicate baby legs when fastening the nappy.  As long as the outside elastics are not too tight or loose, your baby will have the most soft and comfy bomb proof ‘booti’ they’ve ever had!

My baby is not breastfed you say? That’s okay! Our Bumbly Boosters work in the same way for solids, but we do suggest that if you feel your child will only be wetting their nappy for an extended time, eg nap/night time, then the Bumbly Booster should be inserted into the pocket so that you create two layers of microfiber to draw the moisture down into the bamboo.

Bumbly Bootique Cloth Nappies Sizing Chart