Night Time Usage

Our standard suggested night time nappy is to fold our Sleepytime Booster in half twice, to provide 8 layers of bamboo and insert it along with the Bumbly Booster into the pocket.  This will essentially provide two layers of microfleece ontop of 12 layers of bamboo.  This provides superior stay dry performance, as there is no bamboo used ontop of the pocket, unlike when the Bumbly Booster is used on top.

However, if you have only been using the Bumbly Boosters during the day with frequent changes, you may find you’ll have an excess stash of Sleepytime Boosters for night use. These will come in handy if your bubs is a heavy wetter (which tends to come with age), it would be a good idea to double up on these boosters and use two folded down together and inserted into the pocket.  This will result in a fairly thick nappy, but will definitely keep your bubs dry! The pros and cons of cloth diapering, lucky our entire ensemble is all made up of such luxuriously soft materials =).


Please Remember:

The PUL Layer, or laminated Minky, although provides waterproofing, it is still a breathable layer or microporous laminate, which means that when the boosters are saturated (very wet) moisture will slowly escape.  Although it will not be dripping due to the wicking properties of Minky, we suggest you allow at least 2 layers of bamboo per hour of use.   But sometimes it all really depends on how much your baby drinks, when they do their business and knowing your baby.  For example, if your baby wakes up in the morning with a light night nappy and you think they haven’t done their usual morning tinkle, we wouldn’t suggest putting them in a lightly boostered nappy and not checking them for 2 hours.