Warranty & Returns

Bumbly Bootique provide a standard warranty of three months on our nappies, we feel that if there is anything wrong with the nappy resulting from a manufacturing fault, you should be able to find it within the first month.

Bumbly Bootique is committed to providing you with the highest quality of workmanship to ensure that our products meet the your expectations.  We have rigorously tested and tweaked the design of our products to maximize their durability and lifespan.  We have extensively used our prototypes for 2 years straight and have improved the designs where necessary.  However, if you are finding a problem with our nappies and you are outside of the warranty period, we still encourage you to contact our Warranties & Quality Manager John by email: john@bumblybootique.com.au, to see if we can help you.  Meanwhile, please have a read of our warranty, return and replacement polices below. 

What does our warranty cover?

What's excluded from our warranty?

What is our period of warranty and process?

What is our refund policy?

How many steps?

Why can't we just repair/replace all warranty claims?

What about Snaps?


What does our warranty cover?

Our warranty covers defective products.  A product is deemed defective if it does not match the advertised description as published by Bumbly Bootique and if it is a fault of our workmanship.  Defects include the following unless sold as factory seconds:

  • Any seams which are not sewn properly
  • Design faults e.g. missing features not sold as factory seconds.
  • Any elastics which may be loose
  • Rips in fabric which are obviously not as a result of normal wear and tear (please refer to our wash and care).

What’s excluded from our warranty?

The warranty does not cover faults that are not caused by our workmanship.  These include the following but not limited to:

  • Odours, stains, leakages, and natural wear and tear
  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, and use that is not inline with our recommended instructions
  • Usage of fabric softeners, napisan, bleach, vinegar and the like products
  • Simple things, like a loose thread which could be cut off easily anywhere on the nappy

What is the period of warranty coverage? and what is the process?

We provide a three month coverage period where you may request for repairs for defective products. During this period if you have a claim you must first contact us, we will send you a form to fill, requesting details of your fault and photos.  Once we have reviewed your claim we will ask you to return all approved claims for further physical review and examination. If the defective product passes our physical review, we will cover all postage and handling fees during the repair and replacement process.  However, if the product does not pass our review, we will return it to you with the postage and handling fees at your cost.

Examples of a rejected claim:

PUL - sticky, tacky, melted and split, this will be the result of washing your nappies at degrees higher than 60 degrees Celsius, or excessive use of vinegars, bleach and other harmful products which we have specifically asked our customers not to use.  By the way, this has never happened to us during our vigorous testing and abuse stage, however we have found that it has happened to us on other brands, probably because the PUL used for that branded nappy was not as thick as ours.

Eamples of an approved claim:

Stitching missed on one layer, this is also hypothetical as it has never happened to us, but lets say, anywhere on the nappy, one layer, be it, PUL, Minky, Fleece, doesnt matter seems to be missing several stitches because it was cut smaller and so was not fully stitched during manufacturing and it is very obvious it is a factory fault.  This will definitely be either repaired or replaced at our cost.

What is our refund policy?

Refunds of products can be made within 7 days of purchase.  Only products that are new, unused, and, undamaged by the user, may be refunded.  Postage and handling costs however are not refundable and there will also be a restocking fee of 15% of the purchased price of products.  Where free shipping was offered during purchase, the shipping amount will also be deducted from your refund total.


Are there many steps to get repairs, replacements or refunds?

No, it is all very simple.  There are only three steps:

1.) Contact our Warranties Team by email: warranty@bumblybootique.com.au, we will then send you a form to fill

2.) Lodge a warranty case by filling out warranty form and send us a photo if possible and we will respond within 2 working days

3.) If you claim is accepted for review, you will need to post us the product and its receipt.  Upon receiving the posted goods, we will examine the product and get back to you within 5 working days.  If the defect is a fault of our workmanship, you will receive either a repaired product or a replacement, free of charge.  You will also receive a small gift as a token of apology for your trouble as well.  If however, your product fault is found to be a result of misuse or normal wear and tear (no actual fault), John, our Warranties Manager will contact you and explain our decision and also provide suggestions as to how to better care for your nappies.

Why can't we just replace/repair all warranty claims?

As with all products sold anywhere, the consumer has a responsibility to follow the manufacturers usage instructions, we simply can not repair/replace any products which are not taken care of or abused at our cost.  We have already spent over a year tweaking and testing to hopefully bomb-proof our nappies, please ensure you read our wash and care thoroughly.

What about snaps?

In our wash and care, we encourage all snaps to be pryed open at the snap and not pulled open using the fabric on the nappy, as obviously this will add tension to the fabric and reduce lifespan.  Prying snaps open should be practised for all nappies utilising snaps, regardless of brand.  We do however provide a free service of repairing snaps for the lifetime of your nappy (receipt required), however, postage to and from our works is at your cost..