Well, winter's fast approaching, brrr, with our strong winds and copious rain, cloth nappies can be a worry for many.  We asked our team to come up with a few suggestions to make our cloth nappying easy.

- Catch the Sun as much as possible

- Use a mobile clothes airer

- Place them near, not on, the heater and in your bedroom if need be, if washed properly, your nappies will not smell.

- Have your spin cycle on max 1000rpm and restrict the use of clothes dryers

We personally find that we have no problems at all getting our nappies to dry, as long as we have them in the room where the heater is.  Since the birth of our babies, we have used oil column heaters to take the chill off the air for our children at night, we choose oil column heaters because they have the least impact on their soft baby skin.  So placing our nappies near the column heater ensures that we have dry warm nappies the next day. With this method, our nappies dry quickly and there is no added carbon footprint with the use of dryers.

We fully recommend you give this method a spin, feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

xx Bumbly Team