I'm sure we don't need to remind you how much we love our nappies, having several children in our nappies FT amongst us, we are always washing, but that doesnt mean we're in the laundry half our lives. Nooooo, how do we make our lives a little easier?  Well, to begin with our nappy and Bumbly Boosters are lined with the softest stay dry microfleece.  This means that when faced with solids, most of them just roll off into the toilet, unless it is wet and mushy, in which case we have several methods.

1.) One of our expert users swear by keeping dedicated nappy rubber gloves and a plastic washing board ontop of her dry pail, basically, she likes to rinse soiled nappies straight away, wring out excess water and dry pail with the other nappies.  Although this may be considered more time consuming for some, she swears it takes her less than a minute per soiled nappy and her nappies come out with zero stains straight from the wash.

2.) Another one of our power couples swear by a little hose system attached to their toilet to spray off solids straight into the bowl.

3.) Many people love our liners! which are soft, flushable/disposable and basically means your nappy is soil free.

I personally use a combination of liners and rinsing as I love handling our nappies dirty or clean ;)

Why did we just address the solids? because that's basically where all the work is, past this, you just throw the nappies in the washing machine and get the machine to do your dirty work.  No soaking, bleaching or softening, are you kidding me? Our nappies are so soft, any softer they'd melt!

xx Therese