Green Earth

Well, our world can't save itself from our impact on it's own, why? It just can't recover from our distruction fast enough! it is a sad reality that we are consuming and killing our planet at rates faster than mother nature can repair her.  The thought of extinction is just so scary and far away that most of us just take the ostrich approach to it.  That's all fine if you are a single person who is living for yourself and do not need to worry about your children and your children's children and so on and so forth.  But what will happen in a few centuries time besides the fact that we are no longer around anymore?  Just because we are not around to see how bad we have affected Earth, it doesnt mean it's not going to happen.

Disposable nappies, like plastic bags are little luxuries which our modern lifestyles have so conveniently created for us. Our children's soiled disposable nappies, like plastic bags are going to out live our grandchildren and their grandchildren, so I guess some of us will be comforted by the idea that we've left remnants of ourselve strewn all over a landfill somewhere in Australia for the next 5 centuries, if the world even survives that long.

But how about washing our cloth nappies, surely they impact the environment, well, yes, it will, especially if you choose to use your dryer to dry your nappies.  Here at Bumbly Bootique we are strong advocates of line drying, our nappies dry nicely in the sun in both summer and winter.  In winter, better yet, we think you should use mobile airers and bring your nappies in after a day of winter sun, and plonk it near your heater of choice, if you're using a heater, and chances are, with a baby, you'd be using some sort of heating device to take the chill off the air.  So really, unless you are pressed for time (and even then, don't make the same mistake twice, it'll be cheaper to buy more nappies, or stay on top of your washing), we don't believe you'd ever need to use a dryer.  

Our team of mums have never used dryers and we have multiple kids in our households.  It also takes more water to manufacture one disposable as opposed to washing a cloth nappy for a year of usage.  So there you have it, green is the new black! so go go go green lovely people!

xx Bumbly Team