Sleepytime Booster

Our Sleepytime Booster is generously sized at 43cm x 33cm, lovingly made with two layers of thick organic bamboo terry, it provides for heavy boostering suitable for heavy wetters or extended hours of use.  Our Bamboo is organically grown and has natural antibacterial properties which is the reason why we have chosen it as our only moisture absorbing material in our nappies.  

Depending on how you fold it, you can quickly booster your nappies with 8-12 layers, our preferred way of folding these boosters is doubling up in the front, providing 12 layers in the front/middle and 6 layers in the back where there is less moisture.  To fold our Sleepytime boosters in this way follow these three steps:

Step 1: Fold down the front

Step 2: Fold the left side across

Step 3: Fold the right side across

This will essentially create 12 layers just from this prefold, for the front of the nappy and 6 layers towards the back.  Please click on the diagram on the left to get a better idea of what we mean.


Sleepytime Booster

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