Our standard suggested use for daytime is to insert the Bumbly Booster along with the internal booster into the pocket, this will provide a perfect nappy for Child/Daycare, as it should provide around 2 hrs of absorbency, and there are no loose bits. 

For longer hours, you may like to use the nappy complete with all the boosters, same as what we would do for night time.  For this, we suggest you use the Sleepytime Booster folded in half twice and insert it along with the Bumbly Booster into the pocket.  This will provide superior stay dry performance as there is now two layers of microfleece ontop of 12 layers of bamboo.  We expect however, that you will not need the nappy boostered up this much during the day, as typically you’d probably be changing bubs every 3 hrs or so anyway.  In which case, the nappy with either the Sleepytime Booster or the Bumbly Booster alone inserted into the pocket should be adequate.