Bumbly Booster Usage


Our Bumbly Boosters are great at keeping those breastfed explosions contained.  Lay it on top of the AIO nappy instead of inserted into the pocket so that the elastics in the booster may provide that extra little help in keeping those runny No. 3’s inside the nappy.

For older baby's sometimes when changing/checking their nappy you will find that only the Bumbly Booster is wet, in which case you may want to just swap it out for a fresh one, instead of changing the entire nappy.



Bumbly Booster On Top

Additional Bumbly Boosters could be purchased as an accessory, or you may have a stash set aside from other sets of Bumbly Bootique nappies.  This method is almost like a “cover and prefold system” with frequent changing, less nappies will be used but more Bumbly Boosters will be required.  You should always just quickly check that the internal booster is not too wet, when swapping out the Bumbly Booster only.

We also find the Bumbly Booster particularly handy when bubby decides to do #2’s in an otherwise dry fresh nappy, just swap out the Bumbly Boosters!



We only suggest using the Bumbly Booster on top of the pocket if you are intending to change the nappy more frequently, or using them for younger bubs and bubs whom are being breastfed exclusively.  This is due to the layering of the microfleece and bamboo, if you use the Bumbly Booster on top of the pocket, you are essentially putting two layers of bamboo on top of the largest microfleece (stay dry) layer, including the elastics in the legs.  While it makes no difference to have this configuration when you are changing bubs every 2-3 hours, leaving the nappy with the Bumbly Booster on top for longer hours will constantly keep the pocket wet.  This may result in a slight dampness around the legs.  So if you are boostering the nappy up for extended time, or if you’re not expecting any #2’s, we suggest you place the Bumbly Booster inside the pocket along with the other booster(s), to allow the 2 layers of microfleece to draw all moisture down to the bamboo layers effectively.  We are sure your preference of usage will come with practice.

Bumbly Egg