About Us

Bumbly Bootique was founded by a team of mothers all from various engineering backgrounds sharing a love for cloth cladded 'Bumbly Booti's on our babies.  As full time cloth users we have been working hard to advocate the environmental and health benefits through the use of cloth nappies.  We understand that not all parents have jumped on the bandwagon just yet, but we will continue to work hard to promote the sustainability values of cloth; to help provide a clean and green environment for our precious babies and future generations to come.

Bumbly Bootique nappies really do make choosing cloth an easy decision.  Our nappies have been developed with all end users; parents/carers & babies in mind and the result is a product which we believe everyone will love. As mothers we have vast experience with cloth and as engineers, attention to detail and so, we've designed our one sized nappy around important elements such as dry time, comfort, durability, functionality, versatility and convenience.  Our nappies are a result of a lengthy design and testing process exceeding 18months and now we are absolutely certain our nappies are the perfect one sized system for all.  It is a simple, effective and fully customisable design, we just know you'll love them!

We hope that you enjoy browsing through our website to learn more about what we have to offer.  If in doubt, please do not hesitate to drop us a line or call us, especially if you are sitting on the fence of cloth/disposable we would absolutely love to hear from you and promise we'll try not to chew your ear off!


Bumbly Bootique Team

Dedicating our time to keeping all those 'Bumbly Booti's nice and comfy!

Newborn Baby in our Too Cute Bootique Nappy